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The Scientific Program Committee encourages you to submit free communication abstracts for presentation in the congress. Free communications may be presented according to one of these two formats:


You have to pick out either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. But at the same time it is the Scientific Committee that keeps the right to decide on the final form of presentation.

As soon as you submit your abstract, you are responsible to be available to present it depending on the results of the expert review.


Participants who pick out poster abstracts will present their abstracts as posters during the Meeting and other participants will be able to see them in the poster area.

Poster printed size should be: 0,90 x 1,50 metres

Poster’s authors are supposed to be next to their poster at the appointed time on Thursday and Friday (during the evening coffee break), to be available for replying any questions concerning their poster.
The discussions on posters will be held between the author and the participants that will be interested in the posters presented. We will notify you in proper time whether your poster will be discussed on Thursday or Friday.


Abstracts that are picked out for oral presentations will be presented during the Meeting.
We will send all the necessary technical information and instructions to the authors that will have their presentations before the Meeting so that all the sessions should run smoothly.
Computer projection facilities (for PowerPoint presentations) will be provided for the participants in the meeting rooms.


1. Submission of all abstracts have to be done online via the appropriate website.
2. The language of all abstract submissions must be English.
3. Abstract title should be written in CAPITAL letters and it should be less than 200 characters. It should be very brief but at the same time long enough to describe exactly the subject of the study. There must be no abbreviations.

4. The first author must be available to present the submitted abstract depending on the result of the expert review.

5. Write the authors in the Form, according to this example: T. Silyuk, A. Doroshkevich, Y. Ramot,…

6. Write the Centres in the Form, according to this example: Hair Care Center, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

7. The length of the abstract body should be minimum 1.800 characters and at the same time should not exceed 3.000 characters including spaces. You’d better (but not obligatory) to structure your abstract as it follows:
  BODY: It should consist of:

Introduction & Objectives: A sentence that depicts the target of the study
Materials & Methods: In this section you should describe the choice of your observations or experimental subjects
Results: Here you are supposed to describe your results in a logical way
Conclusions: In the conclusion you should highlight new and significant aspects of your study and write conclusions that are made on their base.

8. The body must not contain any tables, charts or images.

9. Details referring to the schedule and guidelines for the final preparation of accepted presentations will be provided and sent to the email given to us by you in the abstracts form.

10. The Scientific Program Committee will be responsible for the final selection.

11. When you forward us your abstract, by this you authorize that in case of its acceptance by the committee, it will be published in the format that will be chosen by Congress (book of abstracts, CD Communications, and online publication in case the Congress decides to do this way)

12. If some abstract has been published before, it cannot be presented. It is possible only in case if there are some new methods, findings, updated data or any other acceptable reasons to submit it.

IMPORTANT: 1st of April is the deadline for the author to get registered, otherwise his/her work will be automatically rejected.


In case you have any difficulties while submitting your abstracts or if you need any further information, please contact:


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